Help required finding a decent fuel union supplier

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Help required finding a decent fuel union supplier

#1 Post by eddypeck » Mon Nov 14, 2016 12:12 pm

I've recently picked up a 1971 Beetle with various 'bodges' one is in the fuel lines to the twin carb conversion. So I want to replace the whole lot from the fuel pump to the carbs.

The difficulty is the 2 carb inlets are 8mm OD and the fuel pump is a single 6mm OD outlet. To keep the joins to a minimum and avoid extra step up unions I really want a splitter like this:

But in metal and I'm finding it really, really hard to find.

Ideally one like this with a shoulder:

This one is actually the closest I found, but it's 8mm 5mm 8mm, and obviously I don't want the 5mm (1/4") inlet to be sloppy or too much of a restriction.
( ... mm-and-5mm)

Any help gratefully received, thanks.
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