Engine mount refurbisher anyone?

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Engine mount refurbisher anyone?

#1 Post by Minxy » Wed Aug 03, 2016 3:09 pm

I have been getting stuck into the Lanchester now I am on school holiday. The rad is off for a refurb and the water pump. Now while I have been stripping the front out it soon became obvious that the engine mount was showing its age and in turn letting the front of the engine sag, now it's apart I can see that it's well past its best. Now things like this are unobtainable, there is a 'repair' that is commonly used involving Cortina axle bushes but I would rather get it done properly so does anyone know of a company that can re-metalastic mountings? I have searched and there are plenty of suppliers of mounts but I'm struggling to find anyone that will rebuild an existing mount.
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