1993 Riva 1.5E Estate For Sale

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1993 Riva 1.5E Estate For Sale

#1 Post by Zelandeth » Sun Jul 01, 2018 7:07 pm

Given that I'd been intending to keep this car for the long, long, long haul, I find myself a bit surprised to be writing this post.

However I've been offered the opportunity to pick up something else that has been on my wish list for 20+ years.

Getting another car means that I need to free up a slot as we've only got so much parking space. I simply can't justify selling the Xantia as it's just such an incredibly competent and mind bendingly versatile car. The Invacar doesn't help me as it's not actually taking up space anywhere other than in the not-really-big-enough-for-a-car garage.

Sadly as a result, the Lada is the one which has drawn the short straw - main reason being that I'm the only one in the family who really gets anything from it. My husband isn't confident driving it and nobody really enjoys traveling any distance in it. While it's actually surprisingly comfortable, it is loud at speed...and there's no radio fitted (never has been).

Here are the vital statistics.

[] 1993 Lada Riva 1500E Estate.
[] 18789 Miles (will go up slightly as it's in use).
[] MOT to 7th June 2019.
[] Fuel injection system from a 1995 Niva 1.7i retrofitted, so no more computerised carb nonsense - blew a CO level of 0.074% at the MOT, so the system and cat seem healthy. Fuel pump and tank were brand new from Lada only a few months ago.
[] New brake pads fitted six months or so back.
[] Full set of Laufenn tyres of the correct size in October 2016, they still appear as new (tracking was checked when they were fitted).
[] Factory new tail lights fitted last year as the originals had faded.
[] Includes a period roof rack (used by me mainly for hauling around a Sinclair C5).
[] Interior is near immaculate.


[] Exhaust could do with replacing. It's been patched and bodged who knows how many times.
[] Wing tops are rotten above the headlights. A new pair are supplied with the car. The inner wings look fine, so it should just be a matter of getting them fitted and painted. Go figure, all Ladas rust there. Several people have told me I should just keep it that way as it looks more genuine!
[] Side indicator repeater lenses have faded - new ones supplied with car (planned to swap those when the wings were done).
[] Couple of creaky ball joints, full set are supplied with the car.
[] Clutch release bearing can rattle a bit when cold, has never got any worse since I got the car.
[] Some of the wiring and pipework in the engine bay from the injection project could do with a final tidy up. Nothing to do with it actually working - just trimming a few wires and hoses down to length etc to make it look properly like it came out the factory like that.

[] Couple of minor scratches and such, but nothing you'd not expect from a car of this age, the only one that's really visible is a little ring on the nearside rear wheel arch - I'd planned to get these all sorted when it was in a body shop to get the wings done.

[] Bit of plastic on the offside rear seatbelt is broken.

Spares included.
[] Brake shoes.
[] Full set of engine mounts.
[] Full set of gearbox mounts.
[] Propshaft flexible coupling.
[] Full front suspension ball joint set.
[] Full brake hose set.
[] 15" wheel set with old but serviceable tyres. Think these had just been refurbished before I got the car, but I prefer the original white ones.

...probably a bunch of other stuff I've forgotten.

The one bit of engineering from the injection system project that's been a bit of a faff has been the throttle linkage, as it's totally different in the Riva to the Niva the injection system came from. The current setup is a bit notchy in operation, but I'm going to try to get it working a bit better before the car moves on.

The car owes me a packet. It cost me £3500 back in September/October 2016, in a state where it was barely driveable (primarily due to issues with the emission control system having been fiddled with)...but being obviously damn solid and an example that could clean up to A1 condition (and having just spent seven hours on a train to get to it!), I just dealt with it.

Since then I've probably spent nearly the same again fixing previous issues, getting the injection system up and running etc...and I've not even got it to a show yet!

Realistically I'd like to get somewhere around the original asking price...it *is* one of the cleaner examples out there, and actually works, rather than being a show queen that spends 95% of its time in a garage, which seems to be something that sets it apart from a lot that I've seen appear lately. The price is very much open to negotiation though to the right buyer.

Any questions...please ask away.

Demo runs out welcome, likewise test drives provided you have appropriate insurance in place.

Assuming it's still with me by then, she will be on display at the Festival of the Unexceptional, and I'll be hovering around happy to discuss things.

The photos below were taken yesterday evening, I'll try to get out to get some better ones in the next few days when it's not boxed in.








I'll be really sorry to see the car go. I spent a long, long time looking for one, and have really enjoyed it...but this feels like one of those opportunities I need to just grab with both hands. A lot of the best cars I've had have been those I've not been looking for after all.

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Re: 1993 Riva 1.5E Estate For Sale

#2 Post by rich. » Sat Jul 21, 2018 6:37 am

thats a lovely car! can you build or rent another garage? ive not seen one of those for years!! whats the new car are you buying??

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Re: 1993 Riva 1.5E Estate For Sale

#3 Post by Zelandeth » Sat Aug 04, 2018 10:42 am

Sadly that's not really a practical solution, and I'd rather see it used than sitting in a garage. 99% of the problems I've had with several cars over the years have been due to disuse.

This is what has prompted the sale:


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Re: 1993 Riva 1.5E Estate For Sale

#4 Post by megadethmaniac » Mon Aug 06, 2018 5:52 pm

That does look rather nice and probably far better put together than anything half its age (or mileage)

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Re: 1993 Riva 1.5E Estate For Sale

#5 Post by Zelandeth » Wed Sep 12, 2018 11:12 pm

Definitely drives far better too!

As far as the Lada is concerned, it too is now driving nicely.

There was an issue for a while where it was idling fast and unevenly, though it had pretty much always done it so hadn't thought too much about it.

Vacuum leak - nipped up one of the manifold nuts a tiny bit and it suddenly started idling probably the smoothest it has ever done since leaving the factory. Wish I'd done that way earlier, makes it far more pleasant in traffic!

I'll be continuing to improve this as it's used until someone decides they fancy it.

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Re: 1993 Riva 1.5E Estate For Sale

#6 Post by JPB » Thu Sep 13, 2018 10:52 am

Zelandeth wrote:
Wed Sep 12, 2018 11:12 pm
..... I'll be continuing to improve this as it's used until someone decides they fancy it.

The danger in making a statement like that in public forum is that the someone in question will now wait and watch as you make these improvements then, once you declare the car to be as close to perfect as it can be, that someone will pounce and before you know where you are they'll be handing over the cash and driving away in a car that you'll probably regret selling in the knowledge that you won't find another as good, so would have to start over and create "Lada upgrade, V2.0".
I get that you'd be short of space to keep the car, but a council lockup on a rental basis (they are between £5 and £11 per week around here, depending on postcode and size and presumably this is a fairly typical cost average for the UK) might be a better long term plan than waving goodbye to your hard work and all of the development that you've done on behalf of Lada lovers everywhere. Failing that, many farmers rent out shared storage space in their steadings and that way, you could legitimately describe the car as a "barn find" if and when you need to let it go and we all know how much more valuable these barn finds are on eBay.

Good luck with this, but as one who spent three years once in the search for as good an example of a particular car as the one I had owned many years before, I wouldn't like to see anyone risk the same gut wrenching disappointment felt when that car was sold and yes, in my case the car that I found after that three year search was the same one that I had sold to the vendor years earlier! I ended up paying three times as much to get it back because that vendor knew that I knew how good the car was. :oops:

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Re: 1993 Riva 1.5E Estate For Sale

#7 Post by Zelandeth » Thu Sep 13, 2018 9:51 pm

Well the parts are all here and mostly getting in the way, and most of the stuff I've been doing on this car are things I mostly enjoy.

I did have a look into possible storage, didn't find much locally though. Plus leaving a car sitting in a (probably damp) shed for goodness knows how long won't do it any favours. I know three separate people who have had cars nicked from lockups too so have to admit to being somewhat wary of the idea.

Fact is that I've got two spaces on the drive (and about 2/3rds of a space in the garage), and currently have four vehicles in there.

I'd rather keep it, but just don't have the room.

Probably drawing the line at fitting the new wings though as I know full well how much work is involved in that. If they were fitted it would see a commensurate price increase - as that would shove it very much into A1 condition territory as they and the exhaust are really the only things letting it down presently.

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Re: 1993 Riva 1.5E Estate For Sale

#8 Post by Toledo Man » Sat Oct 06, 2018 2:32 pm

Why not put the camper van into storage? There must be a caravan storage facility close to you.
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