Drive 'n' Jive! @ The Cavern.

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Drive 'n' Jive! @ The Cavern.

#1 Post by GHT » Mon Feb 27, 2017 9:29 am

On the first Sunday of every month The Portsmouth Truck Stop at Farlington becomes a fifties era Rock & Roll venue. (
There's no entrance fee, you don't have to dance, or even get dressed up, although lots do. You will enjoy a humungous full English breakfast for a fiver, and if the music is not for you, take a wander outside and see the array of American metal, all fins and chrome. There's a smattering of Brits among them too, I even saw an Allegro there once. But the main attraction are the 50's American cars and paint custom jobs. They have been pestering me to take the MG along, but the poor little thing might feel intimidated mixing it with all those swank yanks.
I'll be there next Sunday, I will try to remember to bring some pics back with me. Trouble is I do tend to get side tracked in the cafe watching the dancers:
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