breakdown truck

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Re: breakdown truck

#2741 Post by JPB » Tue Apr 10, 2018 10:13 am

Kazuki's mad creator wrote:TRY FINED ANOTHER ONE
Fined? Never mind the fine, they should be shot at dawn for that! Is the shell actually attached to the chassis? My goodness what a total pile.

Nice looking Maxi though, a flat parcel shelf is always a sign that they haven't been too badly overloaded and that one has only been on the road since 2016 since being put away before the MOT service went online in 2005. It's sitting a little low, but better that than the usual eBay Maxi (and Allegro, Metro, MGF, Princess) trick where the fluid pressure has been overdone to compensate for a lack of Nitrogen that really needs some Schrader valves to be tapped into the bell ends of the suspension displacers in order to prevent catastrophic diaphragm rupture, a phenomenon that used to affect Maxis under warranty so goodness knows how one that's been in storage that long will respond to the "Dalek". Still a fine looking old thing though. Nice find.

And hang about, is it? Can it possibly be? Oh my days, it is! It's an actual breakdown truck! That's a fantastically eccentric old Citroen, when are you going to buy it?

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