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radio id

Posted: Sun Jan 09, 2022 1:56 pm
by taurust60
Hi,first time post and i have just parted with my sunbeam alpine and ajs.
this radio came in a box of bits i bought at auction, so being a retired electrical bod decided to restore it,it works great mw and lw,a lot of time, effort and a few £££
and it's good, i believe it is early 50's and went into high end motors can anyone though recognise the fixing plate to determine what motor it went in.
It says smith and son 200x on the radio.

Re: radio id

Posted: Mon Jan 10, 2022 12:19 am
by JPB
Looks more like post 1958 to me and all transistor, unless the vibrator and its associated AC components are in a separate box that's unseen in the image. Some car valve sets were still in use by then, but mostly with a solid state rectifier and LT filaments, B7G fitting such as d*96 tubes as found in contemporary domestic portables. Couldn't find any reference to the item number of yours though, so don't know. Is it all solid state? If so then late 50s. Some more luxurious cars came with valve radios as late at 1961, when T07 (AF117 for example, complete with these wretched screen leads :evil: ) enclosures were first used.
As for the dash panel, the shape looks very much like that found in pre-Farina Austin Cambridge A40/A50. Link to image below. Looks a lot like a match methinks. :)