#GenevaInternationalMotorShow #CANCELLED

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Re: #GenevaInternationalMotorShow #CANCELLED

#11 Post by GHT » Wed Mar 04, 2020 7:05 am

This thread is going all over the place, but given that you can't say much more after learning that the coronavirus has caused the Geneva Motor Show to be cancelled other than cracking a joke or two about it, my mate reckons he's drunk enough Corona Beer to give him immunity from the virus, I rather like your watch repair/renovation. My late father-in-law was quite a dab hand at clock repairs. He couldn't be arsed with that digital fangle or even battery fangle, but give him something that he could wind up. Here's a couple of clocks that he did for us. The little carriage clock was all forlorn in a charity shop, marked down at fifty pence, Dad found that the spring was snapped, he tried and and tried, (pre-internet) to find a replacement, to no avail, but at one of the clocksmiths he saw a clock that was almost the same dimensions, he paid about a fiver for it. The wooden clock holder was in a bad way, but a few hours with it in his shed and he had worked wonders. It's beginning to show some deterioration again but that just adds appeal, my missus would never part with it, she was always Daddy's little girl.

The second clock he found at some jumble sale, had that going before he even got home, just fifty or sixty years of dust clogging it up. Strange that Dad got the heebie jeebies over digital. The phone that I was issued with in 1968 by the then GPO, when the phone service was nationalised, way before the age of BT, I was allowed to keep, well buy actually, for the princely sum of one pound. It needed rewiring and a new adaptor fitting, Dad soon fixed that and the phone is still in use today. But we do have a more modern phone discretely hidden away. You can't see incoming calls on the finger dial, nor has it got touch tone technology so when you hear press one for the money two for the show, if you try dialling it you cut yourself off.
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Re: #GenevaInternationalMotorShow #CANCELLED

#12 Post by Atodini » Wed Mar 04, 2020 8:57 am

JPB wrote:
Tue Mar 03, 2020 9:24 pm
I have a table top, hand operated Singer very similar to the one in the image immediately above the pic of a treadle table. It was my Mother's, then after she passed, Dad used it to modify his suits as his torso had become shorter but larger around the middle as he became less able to get out and about.
When he passed, a few months after, I inherited "Pearl" and she sits in my spare bedroom to this day, under a little wooden cloche-style cover which attaches to her base. I made three promises to the old boy before his time came to an end:
One was that I would undo the "restoration" work that Dad had done to his Grandfather's 1901 Gold Waltham half hunter - by making a replacement for the long broken small crystal in the front cover, a home spun replacement for which Dad had glued into the hole, sadly leaving some epoxy resin on the chapter ring, which had to be painstakingly repainted once I'd got the glue off and pressed in a new crystal, then sourcing the main crystal for the face, sourcing and fitting a seconds finger, presumed missing because someone had put their finger through the hole in the absence of that small crystal to protect the tiniest finger of the lot. Lastly, I was to strip the movement, give it an ultrasonic bath, reassemble with Moebius oil - and only where it was meant to have been applied, the spring barrel wasn't supposed to be an oil bath, but at least I'd found out why the watch had always had a severe oil leak - clean (carefully as although gold doesn't corrode, there was then (2018) 117 years of pocket wear and a groove worn in the bow by the chain to mend without making it appear mended, as a perfectly tubular circle of metal would have looked too new and yes, it now runs, gains typically a mere 40 seconds per day on average and is in use as it fits the pocket in my jeans which is there for this very purpose.

Promise two was that I'd learn to use Pearl in order to save myself the cost of having repairs made to my clothes. This is a work in progress, I lack the coordination required to both feed the work through the wotsit and provide the motive power for the machine at the same time. But at least this way, old Pearl will last a very long time.

Promise three: Learn to play the old man's baritone ukulele. I'm far more au fait with the tenor one that most folk play, but the tuning on the baritone is as per the top four strings of an open guitar, so whenever I try to play the darned thing, I'm reminded just how much I like restoring watches! Piece of cake that lark is..

https://youtu.be/nXixGLdSbJo :mrgreen:
HAD to find ths version.....


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Re: #GenevaInternationalMotorShow #CANCELLED

#13 Post by JPB » Wed Mar 04, 2020 9:55 am

So glad you did find it, John. Richard Digance manages to parody the song without killing it like so many comedy versions of classic tunes. I listened right the way through and was glad that I did.

GHT, here's the Waltham watch I mentioned, I broke my case opening tool (my right thumbnail! I never use steel blades on gold cases and would cheerfully read the riot act to anyone who did :evil: ) trying to get the back open for a glimpse of the workings doing their 119 year old thing, but at least the seconds can be seen ticking by.


While I'm at it (may as well be hanged for a sheep as a lamb..) Here's the 1967 Ingersoll pin pallet watch that Granddad on Mother's side bought new and discarded in the late seventies when its unjewelled (all metal to metal) movement became too worn to work other than when the watch was laid flat. These are loathed by some collectors, loved by others and I bought several broken examples from eBay at around a fiver each at most, in order to assemble any usable parts and also to gain experience of fixing these. I was able to get four of the donor watches going so sold those on. This one is mostly original with only a new mainspring, balance assembly (staff, hairspring and the balance wheel itself are invariably better changed as one lump in these) and some fresh luminous paint in the hands and on the numbers, so it glows like new when it's dark in the room.

"Home is where you park it", so the saying goes. That may yet come true.. :oops:

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Re: #GenevaInternationalMotorShow #CANCELLED

#14 Post by suffolkpete » Wed Mar 04, 2020 10:14 am

Ah! A telephone No. 746, if you got that in 1968 it must have been one of the very first. Back in the day, before touch tone dialling became commonplace, you could use an acoustic sender which you held to the mouthpiece of your wind-up phone to send the necessary tones down the line. They were generally used for remote access to answering machines.
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Re: #GenevaInternationalMotorShow #CANCELLED

#15 Post by Zelandeth » Wed Mar 04, 2020 10:39 am

Can't say I'm massively surprised by this decision.

Having been to the Paris Motor show a few years ago (2016 I think), it's not so much the show itself that's the biggest risk but the effect on transport methods to get to it.

The tram we took to get there was so overcrowded that I was actually honestly fearing for my safety. I was crammed against the window with such force that if anyone had wanted to pickpocket me they would have rifled through all of my pockets and my backpack and there would have been absolutely nothing I could have done about it! Likewise, if I sneezed or coughed...it was going where it was going. No chance whatsoever of getting anything to cover my mouth.

If there had been some highly contagious pathogen on that tram carried by one traveller, you can bet it spread. I imagine with the Geneva show being an order of magnitude bigger that it's even crazier to get to...
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Re: #GenevaInternationalMotorShow #CANCELLED

#16 Post by GHT » Wed Mar 04, 2020 11:22 am

suffolkpete wrote:
Wed Mar 04, 2020 10:14 am
Ah! A telephone No. 746, if you got that in 1968 it must have been one of the very first. Back in the day, before touch tone dialling became commonplace, you could use an acoustic sender which you held to the mouthpiece of your wind-up phone to send the necessary tones down the line. They were generally used for remote access to answering machines.
The number on the phone reads: 8746G DFM 83/2 If that makes any sense.

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Re: #GenevaInternationalMotorShow #CANCELLED

#17 Post by gazza82 » Wed Mar 04, 2020 4:15 pm

Well at the moment the Restoration Show at the NEC in March IS going ahead .. our Club has just had an update ..
Organisers of the show, Clarion Events, continue to carefully monitor the coronavirus situation. Ensuring the safety of all attendees is our top priority and Clarion Events will be implementing a range of additional hygiene measures at the show. The show will continue with business as usual unless public health and government advice changes. Please read the published statement about coronavirus for exhibitors which has been added to Car Club Marketing.
And this on the Car Club Marketing page:
Coronavirus/COVID-19 Guidance
Clarion Events, the organisers of the show, has published the following statement about the Coronavirus for exhibitors:

Ensuring the safety of all customers and attendees to our events is our top priority. We are continuing to monitor closely the latest public health and government advice in each of our markets around the world. Practical Classic Car & Restoration Show 2020 is going ahead as planned – there are no attendees from China and Hong Kong.

As a precaution, we will be implementing a range of additional hygiene measures – further information can be found on the event website: www.necrestorationshow.com/faqs

We support the stance taken by the Global Association for the Exhibition Industry, the UFI, and remain committed to delivering innovative and market-leading events.

Where possible we are providing alcohol-based hand rub in the event space but you may wish to consider bringing your own alcohol-based hand rub to have available for your staff and visitors on your stand.

We are enhancing cleaning in the general event space but you may wish to consider bringing your own cleaning materials so you can disinfect your stand more frequently (please ensure all cleaning materials are disposed of safely).

Please advise your staff to:

Clean hands with soap and water or alcohol-based hand rub frequently
Cover nose and mouth with tissues or inside of elbow when coughing or sneezing
Capture coughs and sneezes in tissues and bin them immediately to avoid spreading germs - coughs and sneezes travel further than you think
Avoid close contact with anyone with cold or flu-like symptoms
Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth wherever possible
Please report any incidents or concerns to the Organisers Office

Updates will be posted here as and when new information comes to light.
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Re: #GenevaInternationalMotorShow #CANCELLED

#18 Post by GHT » Sun Mar 08, 2020 1:02 am

Did you know that if you can't remember "COVID-19" think: "Come On Eileen." The guy who invented hand sanitiser must be rubbing his hands together right now.

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