90s car and performance car mags anyone?

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90s car and performance car mags anyone?

#1 Post by suffolknick » Wed Jan 23, 2019 8:04 pm

I'm clearing out the loft. And I have found whole series of Performance Car and Car mags from 1990 onwards. These feature what are now classic cars. Anyone want them before I head to the tip with them?


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Re: 90s car and performance car mags anyone?

#2 Post by GHT » Thu Jan 24, 2019 6:05 am

Nick, if there are no takers, do yourself a favour, look up auto memorabilia/car magazine vendors. I have seen quite a few traders that deal in old publications at The Autojumble held at Beaulieu in The New Forest. I have no idea what they will give, but they must source their goods from somewhere. Hope that helps.

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Re: 90s car and performance car mags anyone?

#3 Post by JPB » Thu Jan 24, 2019 9:06 am

Good luck with rehoming these. I recently tried to give away the first thirty + years worth of Practical Classics and a complete set of Popular Classics mags - with the Practicals in binders for the first five volumes - and had no takers, even when I offered to deliver the things within eighty miles of home.
The last of mine went to the recycling centre last week and any strays that turn up in future will be disposed of via the blue bin. Check what your areas rules are for disposing of magazines before carrying boxes of the things out to the kerb (trust me; you'll not be able to get a wheely bin mobile when it's full with something that dense, so carrying the mags to the bin once it had already been pulled up the drive was the solution, the guys who come to empty the bins don't suffer since the lift on the side of the Queen Mary appears not to cowp the vehicle even when the bin is full to bursting and all the human has to do is push the button then the mechanism on the truck body reaches out, picks the bin up and empties it into the side of the body of the truck..) as different areas have different rules depending upon how their recycling plants operate, here it's fine to put magazines out as long as they don't have plastic covers, the test that determines whether they can be put into the blue bin is whether the paper springs back into shape after you try to crunch it into a ball, if it remains crunched up, then paper content is deemed to be high enough and if it flattens itself out after being crushed, in the style of the new English banknotes, then it's made with too much non-recyclable plastic, so don't dispose of any English notes in your blue bin either. Different areas may have recycling bins of different colour, ours are blue, the black ones being for everything else.

I expect that others will be horrified by the above and will post with comments along the lines of "I would take these but my house is already full to bursting with motoring magazines", "You can advertise them individually on eBay and someone will buy them on an individual basis to replace their missing or worn out issues" (eBay is populated by people who change their minds and pretend not to be at home when you try to deliver old magazines to them, after you and the "buyer" agreed on COD for their items - the bastridges!) but I'm trying to be realistic here, there used to be half a dozen dealers in shops within the nearest cities - Edinburgh and Newcastle - to me but now these, like many other such emporia, have become health food or holistic medicine outlets instead, so unless you're lucky enough to have a particularly rare edition of a rare magazine (among the lots I sent to recycling were a full set of "Jalopy" including the last few copies which had grown from the mag's original A5 to A4 size, a pretty much perfectly preserved Vol 1 #1 of Practical and the first five years of Street Machine), then basically the most effective way to regain the lost space in your home and reverse that bulging in the roof timbers is to get them into the recycling bin. I'm simply being realistic as I tried every other way before giving up. One more spot of advice is this: DO NOT, under any circumstances, try to calculate how much you had spent on the magazines when you bought them...

JB I didn't go looking for the current fleet, they just sort of followed me home and now they won't leave without an extradition order from the Japanese government..

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