What would you buy & why?

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Re: What would you buy & why?

#1041 Post by GHT » Fri Apr 10, 2020 8:00 am

Atodini wrote:
Fri Apr 10, 2020 2:37 am
As a youngster, I only ever had 2 car posters on my bedroom wall, the E-type and a Lamborghini... I never was that interested in cars, preferring motorcycles so they vied for wall space with MV's Nortons, Beezas and Triumphs. John
My two wheeled licence came about in the days of the scooter mods. After an afternoon of getting the hang of the twist grip accelerator on the right handlebar and the gear change on the left, I was away. About a month later I took my test which consisted of me riding up and down while the examiner watched me from the pavement. then I was told to run around the next street, as I returned he stepped out from behind a bus shelter, raised his hand and shouted stop. I stopped, he passed me. That was it.

Alarmed at the prospect of me getting on some Triumph Bonneville, my father offered to buy me a car. He never had the money to do that, but I picked up the vibes of his concerns and said I wouldn't be getting a motorbike. The scooter went at the end of the mod era, I became a 'suit,' got married, acquired a mortgage and started my climb of the greasy pole. Fast forward a couple of decades, the mortgage is a long forgotten memory, there's money in the bank and I haven't lived from pay check to pay check for years. That motorbike itch was reignited when a good friend showed my wife and I photos of his Harley classic. "I wouldn't mind a big bike like that," I told my missus, "well go for it," she encouraged. So I did, had it for five years, sold it for more than I paid, never had so much as a wobble on it, no near misses, no scares, nothing. The itch was scratched and life moved on.
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Re: What would you buy & why?

#1042 Post by Atodini » Fri Apr 10, 2020 9:52 am

Sounds like a direct copy of my own test!!! Early December 1967. My old mum didn't even know I had a bike! She came home from work to find a Matchless G12 parked in the front garden....

Week before Xmas. I came home to find a blue Reliant van parked outside - mum's attempt to lure me off motorbikes...... Didn't work, in fact I still have/ride a couple of old Hondas, a 1970 C90 "cub" and a 1973 CB 500/4....

It did keep me warm and dry going back and forth to work though, plus started a love affair with Reliants that still lasts to this day. It was cheap to run and fairly reliable and even after I passed my car test (Jan 1969) I still kept it - after all it "did the job".

F00102B wonder what became of you???

I also once had a Harley, bought new in 1972, before they became "fashionable" and when there was only one authorised dealer for the whole of the UK, F. Warr in London. It was OK, but, at the time not really the right bike for me. Flipping thing spat me off twice in the 9 months I kept it - it only had so smell a manhole cover (even a dry one) and it would "turn turtle" under me!!!, so it went and another Norton (Commando this time) came to replace it. Hindsight suggests that this was most likely the tyres than the design.

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Re: What would you buy & why?

#1043 Post by Dick » Thu Apr 16, 2020 11:05 am

If i was going to get a bike id have to have a honda c50..i had one as a field bike as a kid , we used it as a trails bike.. not quite as good off road as the ty i had later but just so much fun..although the bruises have now gone..

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Re: What would you buy & why

#1044 Post by keef » Wed Jun 24, 2020 6:01 pm

GHT wrote:
Sat Jan 05, 2019 6:57 am

There's not enough room on the internet to list the problems that I had with mine. And that, like your father's, was a 1978 on a T plate.
This looks more like an earlier than T plated Maxi with hydrolastic displacers in the boot and vinyd rather than velour seat finish. ;)

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