Fusion Fabrications, Moreton, Oxfordshire

Know of a good garage, mechanic, sprayer, supplier in your area? Why not post their details here. Please only post if you have actually used and received good service from this person or place AS A CUSTOMER. Also if you can put the area in the title that will be helpful - when we have enough we'll separate them into Counties / Shires. Note: this is for private members' recommendations, NOT owner/proprietors to punt their businesses - these will be removed.
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Fusion Fabrications, Moreton, Oxfordshire

#1 Post by Zelandeth » Fri Feb 15, 2019 12:33 am

Have just had a fuel tank made by these guys and can't recommend them enough.

Delight to deal with, and the result speaks for itself.


They seem like real car people and have the general approach of "anything can be made, we just need to work out how."

Their website is over here.
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