Blasting services in Surrey

Know of a good garage, mechanic, sprayer, supplier in your area? Why not post their details here. Please only post if you have actually used and received good service from this person or place AS A CUSTOMER. Also if you can put the area in the title that will be helpful - when we have enough we'll separate them into Counties / Shires. Note: this is for private members' recommendations, NOT owner/proprietors to punt their businesses - these will be removed.
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Blasting services in Surrey

#1 Post by Luxobarge » Thu Jun 09, 2016 3:59 pm

Hi all,

I recently needed some bits & pieces blasting, (Moggie wheels and some Crittall window frames) and found a company in Charlwood (near Gatwick) that does a good job. The main man's name is John, he used to operate just down the road from me but moved to much better premises a year or two ago. Really nice guy, and does a good job at sensible prices - for example, completely blasting the Minor wheels and painting them in zinc phosphate primer was £15 per wheel.

Ther are called MJK Blasting on 01293 862400 and the web site is:

There are also a lot more details and a lot of pictures of their work on:

Well worth a gander.

If you call them you might get an answerphone, as he doesn't answer the phone when he's actually doing the blasting, but he will definately call you back if you leave a message.

Now the thing is, I got chatting to him the other day, and he says that most of their work is classic car relater, including whole body shells. He had a Mk1 Ford Consul classic in there at the time, half way through the job and it looked sweet. He reckoned he'd charge around £750 for a body shell like that, which includes blasting EVERY surface clean, both inside and out. For body shells he uses Australian Quartz, which apparently is very gentle on the metal yet does a thorough job - he's very aware of the risks of panel damage and I got the impression that any body work is in a safe pair of hands with him.

Just thought that this is pretty good value for anybody doing a proper restoration, and if you're in the home counties then they are well worth considering.

By the way I am in no way connected to them other than as a satisfied customer - the only aim of this post is to let you know of a potentially useful service.

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