Ford Anglia 106e (LHD) Estate - Now in the USA!

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Re: Ford Anglia 106e (LHD) Estate - Now in the USA!

#111 Post by 3xpendable » Thu Jan 13, 2022 1:06 pm

Got the axle out late last night. I had everything loosened off except the front spring BOLTS (nuts were loose), so they put up a little bit of a fight but tapped out fine once I twisted them a bit.


I knew the lower rear shackle bushes were worn, but I wasn't prepared for how worn:


Clearly they have been like that for a considerable amount of time based on the state of the spring:


New bushes will do wonders for the ride quality!

I got it disassembled (everything cam off, even bolts that looked rusted to hell) and gave it a quick wire brushing but ran out of time. The front of the diff was covered in the same thick buildup of oil and dust/dirt that the engine and gearbox are and it resembles soft cake. It was a good inch thick in places, this is after I scraped the worst off:


You'll also observe the still almost intact axle identification tab in the upper right corner! Sadly the outer edge has corroded a bit and the ratio numbers are no longer readable but I am going to try and keep this in original condition and laquer it to preserve it. I spoke to the owners club historian and he said it is EXTREMELY rare to see those still on a car, as they usually just rust away.
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