Austin A35 Project

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Re: Austin A35 Project

#31 Post by gazza82 » Fri Jan 08, 2021 11:52 am

Nuts, bolts, washers, screws, etc are all going in the Jizer tub, getting a good clean and then bagged up and labelled ..

As you say it is a simple car. Engine has two mounts - 3 studs - and gearbox bracket two fixed studs and two bolts through tunnel.

It currently has a mechanical clutch so a rod fits into a bush in the side of the gearbox .. that was the hardest piece to remove! There is no sideways play and as I couldn't get the pedal rod off the end it really was a PITA. You can't push the gearbox away as the mounting stops it. Tried to remove the mounting but can't get to two bolts!! Catch 22 plus plus plus!

The new Midget-source gearbox will have a hydraulic clutch so that gubbins doesn't need to go back. I should be able to get a puller on the clutch pedal once the master cylinder is out. That resides under the drivers floorpan and was always a nightmare to fill with brake fluid without overfilling.

There is probably a correct order to dismantle this little monster .. but I don't think anyone has it documented yet. I'm just going for it!

(Next up: rear axle and springs. 45+ year old EP90 comes out like treacle too!)
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